Many DbFace users request to add a SQL workshop for database connections, so they can test SQL scripts on the fly. you can find SQL Workshop in the database connections section.

Here is a video that shows how the SQL workshop work.

Open SQL workshop#

To open SQL workshop, click the "SQL Workshop" button in the connection list table. Open SQL workshop in DbFace

You will enter the SQL workshop page. SQL workshop in DbFace

SQL Terminal#

Click this button to open the SQL Terminal tool, SQL Terminal provides a easy way to fire SQL query.

Query Builder#

Quer builder helps you drag to generate SQL query, so you do not require handy work to create SQL query.


Publish the SQL Query to exchange marketplace, so you can pick it later in the application builder interface.

Tag SQL Query#

You can name the SQL query in the SQL Editor. All named SQL Queries will be listed in the tagged group. Double click the SQL query in the tagged group will copy the SQL Query into the SQL Editor. SQL workshop in DbFace

You can pick out the Tagged SQL query in the application builder page in the Script Library dialog.