Gallery builder provides a flexible way to build gallery pages and dashboard applications.

Gallery application provides a fluid container that you can place applications, menu items in sections.

Gallery application in DbFace

Gallery builder in DbFace

Dashboard application using Gallery Builder

Gallery builder in DbFace

  • 1. App/Link
    Displaying applications directly or displaying application menu link.
  • 2. Change background Color
    Change the menu link background color, this option does not affected if displaying application directly
  • 3. Choose application icon
    Change the application icon, only available displaying menu link.
  • 4. Expand the size
    Expand the section size
  • 5. Reduce the size
    Reduce the section width
  • 6. Remove the application
    Remove the application from the container
  • 7. Add new application
    Add new existing application into the container. The new placed application will append into the container.
  • 8. Open the application in new page or dialog
    Click to swith the application opened style.