Multi-factor authentication (MFA)#

Use MFA to increase the security of your DbFace environments. Signing in to MFA-protected accounts requires a user name, password, and an authentication code from an MFA device.

Activate MFA#

To enable multi-factor authentication, please click the Settings menu item at the top-right corner of DbFace. Open User profile page

At the User profile page, expand the Multi-factor authentication (MFA) panel. Activate MFA

Click the Activate MFA button to open MFA settings MFA settings

Follow the steps to setup the MFA options for your DbFace account.

Please note the sign in MFA option, Login MFA options

  • Always use password and MFA code
    You will require MFA code and password to sign in

  • Only MFA
    Only MFA code required to sign in DbFace.

Deactive MFA#

Click the "Deactivate MFA" button to disable MFA settings, after deactivated, the old MFA devices are disabled. You need to follow the activation steps again to reactivate MFA.