What is Category?#

DbFace organizes all the applications by categories. The default category name is "Default". All the applications that do not have a category are automatically attributed to the default category.


Create category#

Log in as Administrator, find "Category" in the Dashboard. You will find all categories in "Category" section.

create category for applications in DbFace

On this page, enter a category name, cofirm "Create a new directory" button to create a category. Category names are not allowed to be duplicate.

For convenience, when creating or editing an application, you can also make a new category name for it.

Edit category#

In the category list, click the category name, a small window will pop up, where you can modify the category name. Enter a new category name, then confirm.

Edit category name and icon in DbFace

You can also specify or update the icon of the cateogry.

Delete category#

To delete a category, click the "Delete" button in the category list. Don't worry, delete the category does not lead to delete the applications in the category. All applications in the deleted category will be automatically moved to the default category(Application).

Edit category permission#

DbFace categories are virtual folders that organize applications. Edit category permission does mean bulk edit application permissions that in the category.

Tap the "Edit user permissions" button to open a dialog that list all user accounts under your account. Edit category user permissions