What is SQL Edit Application?#

SQL Edit Application allows you execute one or more SQL queries one by one. These SQL queries usually used to update table data.

Typical SQL Edit Applications in DbFace

Typical SQL Edit Application are composed of

  • User input form (optional)
  • Confirm message
  • SQL queries

When opened an SQL Edit application, DbFace displays the user input form. The user fills the form, click on "Submit" button, the confirmation message (input data can be contained) will be displayed. Click on the "Confirm" button, DbFace will execute the scripts line by line, and show the final execution result.

DbFace tries to execute all scripts in a transaction. Only all the scripts are executed, all the queries will be committed, otherwise the queries will all be rolled back. (The database should support transaction feature.)

How to build an SQL Edit Application?#

This section will show you how to build an SQL Edit Application in DbFace.

Step1. Choose the "SQL Edit Application"#

At the "Visualization" section, choose the "SQL Edit Application" type

choose SQL Edit Application in the Visualization section

Step2. Build a form#

Build a Form, which allows application users input required information. Here, we build a form that contains a textbox named "licensecode".

Build a form for SQL edit application

Step3. Write SQL Edit queries#

Now, you can edit the SQL Edit Application queries, you can use the form fields by Smarty template manner.

Build a form for SQL edit application

Step4. Input Confirm Message#

Enter a confirm message for the SQL Edit application, you can also use form fields' variables by Smarty template manner.

Confirm message for SQL Edit Application

Now, you have built an SQL Edit Application in DbFace.

Sample SQL Edit Application in DbFace