DbFace provides many configuration items to make it work as you like.

You can change the logo at the left top area. The default is text: DbFace. Image (HTML code) is allowed here. for example:

<img src="//www.dbface.com/logo.png"/>

will place the logo image at the left top.


We are working on supporting more languages now.

If you want DbFace supports your local language, you can download the language file and translate every entries into your language, and sent it to support@dbface.com. After confirmation, we will make this language file to your DbFace instance.

IP Whitelist#

If your have a fixed IP or IP ranges, we recommend you set the IP whitelist. After setting the white list, the non-white list IP addresses access to your account or sub-account will be rejected. To set or modify the whitelist, please log in as an administrator, the current user information click on the small window in the upper right corner of the "Settings" button to open the "System Settings" tab, Fill IP whitelist, save the changes take effect.,′

you may have known, only ~ and allowed to access the service.

The ip whitelist supports different formats. Network ranges can be specified as:

  1. Wildcard format: 1.2.3.*
  2. CIDR format: 1.2.3/24 OR
  3. Start-End IP format:


If you set your current IP to non-whitelist eventually, you will not be able to access DbFace. Please contact support@dbface.com to request to reset your whitelist information.


You can choose 12 color skins. Try them and choose the skin you like.

The default menu position is left, you can also make the menu at top position.

Welcome page#

Welcome page is used for Users sub accounts. You can also set an application report in the welcome page.

Embed Protection key#

At some cases, you need protection for embedded charts. Ideally should be option so checks if authenticated. Only want logged in sessions on you site to see embedded. However don't want to have users go to dbface but instead should be through our admin backend on site.

You can open config/config.inc.php file, and edit

$config['embed_session_key'] = FALSE;


$config['embed_session_key'] = 'YOUR-PROTECTION-KEY';

You need to add the following key into session to allow your website to embed dbface applications


This configuration only available on On-premise version.

Disable SQL Edit application#

SQL Edit application allow you create application that modify database tables vis SQL Query, if you do not want this application feature, you can disable in server configuration file.

Open config/config.inc.php and edit:

$config['disable_sql_edit_application'] = TRUE;

Disable PHP application#

PHP application allows you create applications that can do anything on your webserver. You might want to disable this feature for security reason.

Open config/config.inc.php and edit:

$config['disable_phpreport'] = TRUE;

Disable public access parameters#

You can enable access global parameters defined in DbFace publicly. If you do not want this feature, you can disable in the server config file.

Open config/config.inc.php and edit:

$config['disable_public_access_parameters'] = TRUE;


We also provides many options to allow you customization on the server side. You can open config/hooks.php file and write your own hook functions to customize the DbFace behavior.


This function allows you inject any initialize code into DbFace.

function _hook_fc_start_() {
  define('ENVIRONMENT', 'production');


Define your functions in config/functions.php, all functions defined in this file can be accessed in cloud codes or PHP report applications.

  // define your custom functions here
  // all functions can be used in the Cloud Code