Connect to MongoDB#

Sign in DbFace with Administrator account, and tap "Add New Connection" in the dashboard. Connect to MongoDB

After fillout all the required fields, click "Submit" button, DbFace will try to connect to MongoDb with your input information. You will be redirect to the "Database Structure" page. Manage views for MongoDB

You can always click the "Views" button to enter this page. Manage views for MongoDB

Create Views#

After connected to MongoDB, you need to create views using JSON query language. Manage views for MongoDB Click the "Create View" button in the "Database Structure" page. Create view from MongoDB

Click the "Save View" to open the "Save View" dialog. Config view

Sync data to DbFace from MongoDB#

Click the "Sync" button to update the MongoDb data. Sync data from MongoDB

You can make as many views as you want.

Build Applications for MongoDB#

Now you can create application reports in DbFace like MySQL or any other databases.