What is chain application?#

DbFace is a general platform to visualize any data from any data source, including application data. Chain application allows you create json response in your existing application system (which might writen JAVA, Python, PHP, etc.) and visulize them in DbFace.

Chain Application Settings#

At the Application Builder page, click the "Chain Application", DbFace will display Chain Application Settings section: Chain Application Settings

  • Application URL

DbFace will post (or get) application data from the Application URL. You can use http:// or https:// schema to get your remote application. You can also use file:// schema to get static files in DbFace public directory.

You can use variables in this area. You can define applicationURL variable in the Global Parameters, and input {$applicationURL}.

  • Form Query

Additional form data.DbFace will post the form data to the Application URL. Global parameters are also accepted in this input field.

  • Callback

If leave this setting empty, DbFace will try to show the application type depends the response data.

How to make chain application?#