What is Query Snapshot Application?#

Query Snapshot Application helps you save current query resultset snapshot. You can view all snapshots of query result sets by date time.

You can monitor your Query result sets time by time using Query Snapshot Application.

  • Flat List View
    Snapshot application

  • Calendar View
    Snapshot application


The snapshot size is limited to 1KB, please double check your requirement. If you want to use larger snapshot size, please contact us.

How to build a Query Snapshot Application?#

This section will show you how to build a Query Snapshot Application to monitor your query result sets.

Step 1: Choose the "Query Snapshot Application"#

Choose the Query Snapshot type in visualization section

Step 2: Build SQL Query#

Build SQL Query using the Drag&Drop wizard#

Drag & Drop mode to build SQL Query

Write SQL Query directly#

You can also build your SQL Query directly in Application Script Editor.

Write SQL Query directly

Step 3: Publish#

Input the "Application Name", and click "Publish" button to publish the application. Now, the new created Query Snapshop Application should be available on the dashboard page.

Using Query Snapshot Application#

Capture a Snapshot#

Tap the "Capture Snapshot" button to capture the result sets of the query.

Remove a Snapshot#

Tap the "Delete" button to remove the snapshot.

Flat List View and Calendar View#

You can view snapshots in flat list view and calendar view mode.

Sample Query Snapshot Application