Summary reports are similar to tabular reports, but also allow users to group rows of data,

Summary Report adds up the corresponding cell data of multiple reports which have the same structure and different data. screenshot

How to build Summary Report?#

Like the tabular report, you can also build a summary report in Drag & Drop mode or Script mode.

Drag & Drop mode#

STEP 1: Select "Summary Report" visualization type#


STEP 2: Deside the Group and Summarized fields#

You can summarized multiple fields. screenshot

STEP 3: Label fields and apply filter conditions#

Choose appropriate label for fields, these label names will show as summary report header title.

STEP 4: Preview, correct issues and publish Summary Report#

Click the "Preview" button to see what the summary report looks.

How summary report works in DbFace?

Script mode#

Script mode provides a more flexible and advanced way to build summary report.

Check the "Script" checkbox to switch to Script mode, DbFace will try to generate SQL query that you already build, but you still need to correct it if contains issues.

Here is a sample summary report script:

  YEAR(requiredDate) as `Year`,
  COUNT(orderNumber) as `Order Number`,
  COUNT(DISTINCT customerNumber) as `Customer Number`
FROM `orders`