The release notes of DbFace. We continue to update our changelogs here. Please also refer the detail changelogs

Version 9.6 (20201004)#

DbFace V9.6 released at 2020/10/04

  • Added Improve application accessiable, we added an history application quick access bar, so you can navigate to other applications more easier.
  • Introduce DbFace Application Plugin system. People will code plugin to extend DbFace or DbFace applications later. The feature is still improving, and might be changed
  • Added Custom PHP libraries import, in the user directory, you can use composer require command to import third-party php libraries. this libraries are imported automatically, and can be use in PHP Code directly.
  • Many styles and minor issues fixed

Version 9.4 (20200829)#

DbFace V9.4 released at 2020/08/28

  • Many styles and minor issues fixed

Version 9.4#

DbFace V9.4 released at 2020/07/24

Version 9.3#

DbFace V9.3 released at 2020/06/26

  • [FEATURE] We can make comments on applications now

  • [FIX] Input SQL and generate Table or Chart in Notebook

  • [FIX] Improved filter features
  • [IMPROVE] Improve SQL Editor (You can edit multiple queries at the same time now)
  • [FEATURE] AMI first release, DbFace support AMI to support build full-featured applications now
  • [IMPROVE] Many styles fixes and improves

Version 9.2#

DbFace V9.2 released at 2020/05/22

  • [NEW] Data dictionary, now we can build data dictionary to customize the data diplay for code
  • [FIX] Several styles and bug fixes

Version 9.1#

DbFace V9.1 released at 2020/04/06

  • [FIX] Several styles and bug fixes.

Version 9.0#

DbFace V9.0 released at 2020/02/06

  • [NEW] Clickhouse initialize supported
  • [NEW] XTerm: introduced to make changes by hand
  • [NEW] Module: use React or custome program dbface page
  • [NEW] Story product
  • [IMPROVE] Many styles fixes and improves.

Version 8.7#

DbFace V8.7 released at 2019/09/10

  • [NEW] Presto initialize supported

Version 8.0#

DbFace V8.0 released at 2018/12/30

  • [NEW] Google Big Query initialize support
  • [NEW] Data Board allows put variables in a dashboard
  • [NEW] Scheduled Jobs
  • [NEW] Snapshots: backup whole DbFace in local file system.
  • [NEW] Initialize integrations & Plugins support, Facebook Ads comming soon.

Version 7.6#

DbFace V7.6 released at 2018/05/13, you can get more information about this release from [DbFaceV7.6 Release Notes]

We continue to update our changelogs here.

Version 6.9#

DbFace V6.9 released at 2017/04/01, you can get more information about this release from DbFaceV6.9 Release Notes

  • [NEW] MongoDB connection supported
  • [NEW] Table sharing features
  • [NEW] New product theme with side bar
  • [FIX] Minor style improvements
  • [NEW] Conditional format in Data module
  • [FIX] Bug fixed in V6.8

Version 6.8#

DbFace V6.8 released at 2017/02/15, you can get more information about this release from DbFaceV6.8 Release Notes

  • [NEW] Viewer users groups
  • [NEW] Initialize exchange marketplace
  • [NEW] Initialize the Radar Chart
  • [NEW] Redesigned the options system
  • [NEW] Building smarty templates in Cloud code
  • [FIX] Bug fixed in V6.7

Version 6.7#

DbFace V6.7 released at 2017/01/06

  • [NEW] Template editor, you can add your own templates and use them in PHP reports
  • [NEW] Batch edit sub accounts' application permissions
  • [NEW] Advanced options for connections (e.g. Default schema, encoding)
  • [FIX] Minor style fixes

Version 6.6#

DbFace V6.6 released at 2016/12/25

  • [IMPROVE] Allow column resizing for data module
  • [NEW] Allow multiple columns for number report
  • [NEW] Submit static lable of form
  • [NEW] HTML templates
  • [NEW] More predefined variables
  • [FIX] Minor style fixes

Version 6.5#

DbFace V6.5 released at 2016/12/05.

  • [NEW] Product feature: package applications in DbFace to product
  • [FIX] Minor style fixes

Version 6.4#

DbFace V6.4 released at 2016/11/29.

  • [NEW] Add new option for X-Axis, you can set label rotation now
  • [BUG] At data module, the second linked data viewer does not contain a close button
  • [BUG] Javascript exception when click the columns at Data Module
  • [NEW] X-Axis data type: category, time, value, log
  • [MINOR] Css ajust for Data tables
  • [MINOR] Popup error dialog if the application preview fail
  • [BUG] Free form display issues
  • [NEW] Add Gauges widget visualization type
  • [BUG] SSO bug, sso will redirect to DbFace login page in some cases.
  • [NEW] Stacked option for chart report, you can make multiple series bar, line chart stacked.
  • [NEW] Custom Gauge Options: Min, Max, StartAngle, EndAngle
  • [IMPROVE] Calendar and Date Range control support

Version 6.3.1#

Quick fix for V6.3

  • [Bug] The public url will be lost after edited parameters.
  • [Improve] Changed the default font to more clear Open Sans
  • [Improve] Use space as tab, and set tab size to 2 for all editor.

Version 6.3#

DbFace V6.3 released at 2016/11/07

  • [Feature] Free form display application (advanced dashboard application introduced)
  • [Improve] Appearance settings for DbFace applications
  • [Feature] Public access URL for global parameters defined in DbFace

Version 6.2#

DbFace V6.2 released at 2016/10/18.

  • [Feature] Query Snapshot Application Supported
  • [Improve] Calendar Application Supported
  • [Improve] Removed foot toolbar in Gallery
  • [Improve] We changed to use source editor for HTML report.
  • [Improve] Global Parameters (Variables) now support Array

Version 6.1#

DbFace V6.1 released at 2016/10/14.

  • [Feature] Cloud Code Support On-premise
  • [Improve] Javascript exception might crash the App builder, we handle them more reasonable
  • [Improve] Form OnChange script now can apply resultset to Drop down and Multi-select

Version 6.0#

DbFace V6.0 released at 2016/10/03. Since V6.0, You can install DbFace on prepared PHP 5.3+ (PHP5.3, PHP5.4, PHP5.5, PHP5.6, PHP7) ready webserver(Apache, IIS, Nginx).

  • [Feature] New Application Type: Application gallery application
  • [Feature] New Application Type: Funnel Widget supported
  • [Feature] New Application Type: TreeMap Widget supported
  • [Feature] Single Sign-on now available
  • [Feature] SQL Terminal
  • [Feature] Application logs for debug
  • [Feature] Define global dynamic parameters
  • [Feature] Batch edit user permissions for applications in category.
  • [Feature] Firebird/Interbase Supported
  • [Feature] Define global variables (fixed or dynamic)
  • [Feature] Multiple CSV files supported
  • [BUG] Fixed connection issues on Microsoft SQL Server
  • [Improve] Many other minor improves.

Version 5.9#

DbFace V5.9 released at 2016/09/19

  • [Feature] Enhanced SQL workshop that you allow test your SQL queries on the fly.
  • [Feature] Query Builder
  • [BUG] Oracle Support

Version 5.8#

DbFace V5.8 released at 2016/09/08

  • [Feature] We have changed Custom Css to Header template.

Custom DbFace header template

  • [Feature] Pick linked field data in Data module

Pick linked field data with ease

  • [Feature] Form support for HTML & PHP report
  • [BUG] Minor bug fixed

Version 5.7#

DbFace V5.7 released at 2016/08/20

  • [BUG] Customization CSS can not apply to embed applications (20160831)
  • [BUG] Generate wrong SQL query switching to SQL query mode
  • [BUG] Can not apply form variables in Drag Drop mode
  • [Feature] Support raw html form builder, building Form using Javascript, HTML.
  • [Feature] Custom dashboard layout
  • [Feature] API Connector, connect DbFace to your No-SQL database
  • [Feature] Customization javascript code custom reports behaviour by javascript

Version 5.5#

DbFace V5.5 released at 2016/05/18

  • [Improve] New application categories system.
  • [Improve] Support category icon
  • [Improve] Column links in Table Editor (navigate tables by column value)
  • Minor other bugs fixed

Version 5.3#

DbFace V5.3 released at 2016/03/14

  • [FIX] Dashboard builder fixes.
  • [Improve] Show/Hide Data module
  • [Improve] Option for showing all applications of all database connections
  • Minor other bugs fixed

Version 5.2#

DbFace V5.2 released at 2016/02/25

  • [Feature] Story report, navigate reports page by page.
  • [Improve] SQL Server supported
  • [Improve] PostgreSQL supported
  • [Improve] Oracle supported
  • Minor other bugs fixed

Version 5.0#

DbFace V5.0 released at 2016/01/18

  • [Improve] Redesigned menu system
  • [Improve] Cloud Code (beta)
  • [Improve] Database structure manager (only available for MySQL)
  • Many other bugs fixed