Dashboard application allows you to have an instant view on your selected data. Dashboards are a simple way to organize together and manage multiple charts that share the same underlying data.

Dashboard application can seamlessly integrate the above-mentioned three types of applications into a single page. DbFace provides full-featured layout editor that allows users to drag and drop existing applications to the layout.

DbFace uses a simple clean way to arrange the applications in a dashboard. It provides 9 kinds of layouts(and counting), you just need to choose one layout for your dashboard, and drag & drop reports in the dashboard to build new dashboard.


Gallery Builder also provides a flexible way to build dashboard applications.

To build a dashboard application:

  • check "Dashboard Application" in the Visualization section

Open dashboard application builder page

  • Change dashboard layout

Tap the "Change dashboard layout" button to choose a appropriate layout template for your dashboard. Choose a layout template for your dashboard application

  • Place reports into the dashboard

Tap the "Add a widget" button to explore all existing applications Place existing applications into the dashboard

Here is a sample dashboard: Sample dashboard application