DbFace Coding FAQs#

DbFace provides many internal PHP and javascript functions to help you access the features, we list functions that you can use in your PHP or HTML report here:

PHP Functions#

You can use PHP functions in PHP reports or Cloud Code.


PHP function to get global parameters value created in DbFace

  // get all global parameters created in DbFace
  $vars = import_var();

  // get total lost user value 
  $var = import_var('total_lost_user');


PHP function to get database connection object to specific connection

  $db = import_db('Clash_of_rome');

call_http_service($url, $params = array(), $method = "POST", $ignore_error = FALSE)#

PHP function to get remote http response body

  $result = call_http_service('https://www.dbface.com');

Javascript Functions#